The Promised Land – A Place of Healing

Honey CombLast night I had an incredible and extremely vivid lucid dream.  In the dream I am in what appears to be a psychiatric ward of a hospital where people come to recover from mental and emotional trauma.  I notice the ward is mostly occupied by young men.  Most of the attending staff of doctors and nurses are women.  I am given a private room for my stay.  The layout reminds me of a honey comb.  Every room has 6 sides and is adjacent to another room with six sides which is adjacent to another room with six sides and so on and so forth for as far as you can see.  The layout strikes me as unusual so I walk through the rooms.  There are no corridors.  Every room simply leads into another room.  Many of the rooms are empty so there are plenty of open rooms available for new arrivals.  I see patients playing board games with each other and there is a very good communal atmosphere present. 


A nurse approaches me to perform my intake.  She encourages me noting the success of the hospital to treat trauma.  She tells me if I choose I will never have to suffer again.  This all seems so bizarre to me and I suddenly realize I am dreaming.  In this now wakeful state I begin to pay very close attention to everything she is telling me about their treatment program.  It sounds so appealing and makes perfect sense to me except I’m in a dream and I am lucid so I must investigate my surroundings.  I tell her I need some time to run some personal errands before committing to my stay.  She tells me there is no problem.  I can leave at any time and come back at will but I’m thinking a program this good is sure to fill up quickly.  I want to benefit from the program as well as conduct my research into this lucid state in which I find myself. With her assurance that a space is reserved for me, I leave through the door in the courtyard.  


Outside I run into my sister Grace who is going to accompany me on my journey.  I tell Grace that we are in a lucid dream and to pay close attention to everything she sees and hears and make a mental not of it.  I want to find the extent to which the illusion we are in persists.  At what point does the illusion of the dream break down?


What I am seeing through my mind’s eye is simply breathtaking.  I can see the sky and clouds and the moon and the stars with such clarity and beauty that is simply indescribable.  Upon the horizon is a massive thunderstorm approaching.  It is dark and ominous yet quite contained to a very specific area in the sky.  It is not threatening.  It is beautiful in the power and force it holds within it.


I continue to walk and walk till I finally reach the end of the illusion like walking through quicksand nothing else exists except the raw material from which reality is created.  I have long left my sister behind and only I stand alone in a thick sticky substance as if I had a sheet draped over me.  Feeling I’ve reached my goal and found my end I turn back and soon reencounter my sister who escorts me back to the hospital.  


I’m given the same room that I had been assigned before.  I’m surprised that they actually held the room for me. They in fact saved my place.  I sit in the courtyard looking up at the sky knowing that now I can benefit from all the healing properties of the dream.  I also can’t believe that I am fully aware of everything around me.  There is nothing out of place.  I have examined every detail of this dream, this reality and found every part to be complete in every detail.  Every word and sound makes perfect sense. I am in the process of healing my wounded soul.


After thought:

I was very struck by the honey combs.  Is this what a sixth dimension reality looks like, feels like? Within a hexagon is found the 6 pointed star or Star of David which is a reference to God.  Honey is a reference to love. 

“And thy Lord taught the bee to build its cells in hills, on trees and in (men’s) habitations…there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for mankind. Verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought”.   

Translation of Quran 16:68–69

Naples A Place of Clandestine Love

NaplesLast night I had a dream where I am at what feels like a university campus.  There is a shop on campus much like a Brookstone Store with many beautiful nature related gifts one can buy.  There is an item that I’m fascinated with but it is almost 10 o’clock and my class is about to start.  Fearing I don’t have enough time to make the purchase before class I decide to leave the shop with the intention of returning later. 


On the way out I meet a guy.  He is someone I’ve been in love with for a long time but have not seen in ages.  He leads me off toward the edge of a wooded grove where we sit on the grass.  It is a quiet place where we can embrace each other and not be readily seen.  All he is wearing are his boxer shorts which allow me to peak into his jock. 


As we are fondling each other a police car traveling down the nearby road makes a turn toward us.  The head lights of the car catch our attention and we quickly get up to compose ourselves and begin walking deeper into the woods.  Forgetting completely about the time we continue our hike through the woods. 


We find a second resting place where we stop.  From his back pack he pulls out a mirror.  It is a magic mirror of sorts.  He tells me to look into the mirror and to see the place to which he is taking me.  As I look into the mirror I have a rush of euphoria come over my entire body.  I can vividly see we are atop a high clandestine mountain.  The beauty and vividness of the images within the mirror are stupendous.  This place is breathtaking.  It is a place where I have longed to be. 


He instructs me to move the mirror so as to pan the landscape.  The mirror is very sensitive to my movement.  As I pan the landscape, I can see that not far from this clandestine location are small towns where people live.  “This is somewhere I could live,” I think to myself.  I then see a large monument.  I ask him, “Is this Napa?”  He responds, “No this is Naples.”

A Cause de St. Pierre, Une Nouvelle Voie

Last night I had a dream. This dream had a very cosmic ring to it. You could almost hear the chimes in the background. I am to meet with my life coach about my assignment on Earth. I arrive early for our meeting at his office but he is not present yet. On his desk I see my file with my name clearly written on it. As I sit down I reach over to take a peek at the contents of the file. The entire file is in French. At this moment the thoughts in my head shift to French. They are slow in coming. I feel awkward and very uneasy. I can no longer think in English. I realize I will be expected to conduct the rest of my life in French.

My coach then walks in the door. He welcomes me in French and begins a long series of instructions all in French regarding my next assignment. As if he can read my mind he acknowledges my awareness of the contents of my file, my new assignment and my unease. He says this entails a major shift in my life but one that he is confident I will easily readjust to. I am feeling totally unprepared and unable to express myself.

Snatch the Beaver

BeaverI had a dream where I am with a group of people who I work closely with.  I am complaining about the working conditions and trying to advocate for radical change.  I don’t think it should matter what people wear to work.  To test me and my conviction for change the women of the group begin coming to work half dressed without their underwear.  They are completely naked from the waist down. 

There is a part of me that wants to accept the new conditions because it means a sense of freedom I have longed for yet there is another part of me who wants to look away.  How do you pretend to avoid looking at the beaver and not give away my level of discomfort?  To push my limits, more of the women start to come around me flagrantly expressing their beavers.  I become so uncomfortable I literally have to do my breathing exercise.  Can I withstand the new terms of conditions which I am wholly responsible to advocating.  Is this more than I bargained for?

Inside the Silver Fish

Sucker FishI had a dream where I am attending the university with a bunch of my engineering student friends.  It is a university I attended previously because I am familiar with the location of all the classes and the names of the many buildings.  There is a great sense of camaraderie here among the guys.  There is a social group I belong to which is not part of the engineering curriculum but is geared toward developing one’s spiritual awareness.  We go off on an adventure along a river bank where we are instructed to catch the tiny little fish that live in the stream and eat them.  The fish are so tiny they are almost transparent and to my surprise they are incredibly tasty; a true delicacy.


Later when we return to classes I suspect something is different about me.  I am changed in some way from the inside. I decide to urinate and capture my urine in the trough where I can examine the urine to see what is inside me and maybe get an idea of what has changed.  The feeling is intuitive without knowing for sure I simply sense it.  In my urine I find the tiny fish I ate earlier in the day which are not dead but very much alive and thriving in my body.  They are multiplying and growing.  I can actually see them swimming in this pond that is my urine.


Scared … I run to tell one of my classmates and the professor.  Instead I run across my best friend Dinah.  I tell her what is happening to me.  She is incredulous and does not want to believe me.  Thinking I might have been imagining it, I go back to the trough where I captured my urine.  My urine is still there but it has begun to evaporate.  The fish are getting larger and their environment is getting smaller.  I suspect the fish are consuming the nutrients in my urine because they are now very large and no longer transparent.  They have given up their transparency for a beautiful silver coating. 


I know what I am seeing in this trough is a reflection of what is within me.  Fish must be growing in me. My dilemma is how do I get them out?  There is almost little  urine left for them to live in and feed on. 


A thought comes to my mind; how nice would it be to capture the fish and put them in my aquarium.  I then have a second thought; considering how prolific they are they would soon over run my tank.  As I reach down into the trough, one of the fish jumps on me in an attempt to escape his diminishing world.  This fish has the ability to suckle on me making it almost impossible for me to rid myself of it.  I’m distressed.  I want to be free of the fish inside me but I also want to ensure their safety.

Park-a-Barge River

BargeI had a dream where I am in the parking structure of the building where I work.  I park my car in an open space and proceed to walk toward the stairs to enter the building when I accidentally trip over an access panel at my right foot.  The access panel door is slightly raised.  Both curious to know where the access panel leads and wishing to properly secure it to prevent others from tripping over it I remove the panel door to examine it.  The opening is barely large enough to put my hand through it but wide enough to provide a clear view of every parking level below me.  Each parking level below me has the same access panel positioned directly below the one where I am standing.  By removing the access panel door, I have opened all access panels on ever floor below me allowing me to see into all of them all simultaneously. 

Though the opening, I can see the parking structure is built above a river which is wider than the parking structure itself.  It is a vast river with a strong flowing current.  I think it very odd that a parking structure would be built above a river.  It wouldn’t seem to make for a very secure foundation.  As I scan the surface of the water I notice a severed hand floating in the river.  I’m immediately concerned.  Scanning the river for the remains of the body to which the hand would belong, I see a large barge that is carrying the bodies of the dead for processing.  The bodies are laid on their bellies piled upon each 9 high or more.  The man who works the barge is processing each body one at a time placing it below the surface of the water until each is consumed by the current.  There is green algae like film that covers bodies. 

I have the feeling that I am not supposed to be witnessing what I have just seen.  I decide to secure the access panel and go to my office where I can take the time to process and research what it is I have just seen.  Once at my desk, I realize this research will require access to top secret documents which I am not privileged to but I know someone who does have a top secret clearance who might grant me the information.  I call Joe up and ask if he could possibly gather the information for me.  He kindly agrees and within a few minutes documents are delivered. Stacks of reports now sit on my desk for review along with new research equipment, computers, scanners and communication devices to allow me further inquiry and investigation should I wish to delve deeper into this mystery.  I open the files and the first thing I notice is the information that authenticates the information and its source listing the price for obtaining the information.  All have been delivered free of charge this is clearly noted by a zero in the balance due files.  I know had this not been a favor to me anyone else receiving the information would have had to pay a significant price to obtain such information.

After I’ve gone though all the documentation provided I decide to go back down to the parking structure and have a second look.  Once down there I remove the access panel door.  Once again, I can see the barge and the worker processing the bodies.  The barge worker is wearing a full body green suit.  His hands are silver and resemble metallic claws.  By comparison, I can tell his hands different and his body is much larger than that of the dead he is processing.  I surmise with all the information I now have that this man cannot possibly be of human origin.

I’m worried that I have stumbled upon something that is so top secret that I will be searched out and prevented from disseminating the information.  I attempt to replace the panel door.  As I reach to grab the panel door a car drives by and crushes the door breaking the interlocking mechanism.  This truth can no longer be concealed.

The 8th Grade Marching Band

Marching BandI had a dream where I am living in a temporary location with my roommate Bryan.  Although the location where I’m living is temporary, it would seem that I am lying to myself and to others.  I have down scaled my living arrangement out of necessity and am somewhat embarrassed by this fact and I don’t want to admit it to people so I tell them that it is temporary.  I also desperately want a companion or partner to share my life with.  So I decide to take on two additional roommates, one who will occupy and share my living quarters during the day while I’m at work, a female, and another, a male, who will occupy the space during the night hours when I’m in bed.  I’m attracted to the male however he is engaged to be married to a woman.  He has moved here to marry his future wife but needs a place to stay until the wedding day.  It is such a convenient arrangement for the both of us.

I think to myself if he is sharing my bed and my space with me he will have time to get to know me before his wedding date and possibly fall in love with me and subsequently change his mind about marrying his fiancé.  The first night that he spends with me we sit like old friends discussing our lives, our past and our future ambitions. 

In the morning I leave for work.  My roommate Bryan has not been home so I have not had the opportunity to tell him of the new boarders I am hosting.  While waiting for the bus, I run into the female boarder.  She tells me that she is coming from watching the 8th grade marching band that plays along one of the streets in my neighborhood. 

In the evening when I get home from work I open the door to find my roommate angrily picking up the mess the night boarder has left.  I’m surprised myself that he has made such a mess and has also taken the liberty of rearranging the furniture.  I realized I probably should have discussed the change with him prior to agreeing to the arrangement.  As Bryan walks off with the bedding in his arms the night boarder comes through the door.  He tells me he just came from watching the 8th grade marching band.  I then realize that I am hosting both the bride and the groom.

A Gentle Hoof

HorseLast night I had a dream where I am with my friend Dinah.  She is visiting me and I am showing her around the city.  There are spectacular views that I myself see as unimaginable and quite breathtaking.  Looking out on the vista, I call her attention to a point in our forward direction the home of my mother’s land.   My mother lives at the base of these great hills which are covered in lush green vegetation.  


When we return to my house there is a young man who is looking for me.  He is an old friend one I have not seen in a very long time.  I vaguely remember him from my past.  He is very different now.  He has the lower body of a horse.  I am casually talking to him ignoring the obvious oddity of his lower nature. I am captivated and amazed by his powerful lower body, his massive legs and thighs and the huge black testicles that have obviously been scorched by the sun and which hang at his hind.  I want to ask him how he developed such a massive form but I am not sure if it would be appropriate to ask such a question. 


We continue talking.  He is very expressive in his gestures and moves with much grace and ease.  Feeling more comfortable around him, I finally gather the courage to ask him about this power he possesses.  He answers me by turning to face me and shows me his soft underbelly, his groin and his penis.  This in contrast he says is my gentle nature.  He leaves himself open as if to invite me to examine him or possibly touch him.  I want to feel the difference but to do so would mean possibly placing my hand on his penis.  I pause there reluctant to advance.  I feel an awareness rise in me and I become lucid.  In a moment of awareness suspended in time, I know this as strange as it may seem holds an answer I seek and it is now or never.  I must probe the depths of my subconsciousness reach out and feel him.  I reach my hand out placing my palm upon his navel and running my hand down along his groin and in contact with the uncircumcized skin of his penis.  My jaw drops with an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.  I am breathless.  I awaken.


Upon waking up I was immediately drawn to his response.  Why did it lie in his groin?  Why did he refer to it as his gentle nature?  I focused on the word gentle. 

Gentle:  belonging to a family of high social station, chivalrous : honorable, distinguished

Gentle: of or relating to a gentleman

Gentleman: a man of noble or gentle birth b: a man belonging to the landed gentry c (1): a man who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities (2): a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior d (1): a man of independent means who does not engage in any occupation or profession for gain (2): a man who does not engage in a menial occupation or in manual labor for gain

Dreams always enjoy a play on words so I looked at:

Gentile: a Christian as distinguished from a Jew

Genital: of, relating to, or being a sexual organ

Genital: of, relating to, or characterized by the stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory during which oral and anal impulses are subordinated to adaptive interpersonal mechanisms

Cat Scratch Fever

Black CatI had a dream where my house is on fire and about to burn down.  We have to evacuate immediately.  I only have a minute or two to decide what of importance I might take with me.  I immediately reach for my cat Sable and wrap him in a sheet because he is not an outdoor cat while at the same time instructing everyone in the house to “GET OUT.” 

Once outside in all the commotion my cat Sable slips through my grip and runs off into the brush.  He has seldom been loose outside the house and on the rare occasions that he has he has managed to find his way back home.  I’m worried that if my house burns down there will be no place for him to return to.  The neighbor lady is a cat lady.  She has hundreds of cats that come to her front porch.  As I walk past her home I notice all the cats are identical and more than that they all look exactly like my cat Sable.  I can see into her living room where the television is tuned to the news station.  They are showing coverage of my house burning.  My niece Esther unknowingly arrives on the scene and is captured on camera.  I’m surprised because she lives in California and has never been to the East Coast to visit me.  What is she doing at my house unannounced?  Clearly without a doubt that is her on the television screen in front of my house.  I’ve got to go back to the house but first I have to get Sable. 

Looking at the hundreds of cats on the porch I instinctively reach for one of the cats not even questioning whether I have the right cat or not.  As I walk away with Sable in my arms.  Looking into his eyes, I become aware that I have the ability to recognize my own kind. 

Slide Rule of the Dead

Slide RuleI had a dream last night where I am given a slide rule that not only predicts the future but creates the future you wish to have.  This slide rule is a prototype for instructional purposes to demonstrate that the concept is feasible.  Oddly enough this slide rule is limited to the simple task of giving a shave. It creates a future shave on anyone you choose.  I am highly skeptical of its ability.  Frankly, I think the idea is absurd but it has my curiosity.  I examine it carefully noting the slider and options provided on it for the degree of shave you wish to manifest.  By moving the slider, I am able to affect the future. Knowing I’m not one to give myself a shave….I decide to set it to give me a shave at some future date.  After moving the slider I place the slide rule down on my night stand and lay back down to sleep. 

Moments later after I am supposedly fall back asleep in the dream I begin to feel pressure on the nape of my lower back.  This can’t be possible, I’m thinking to myself.  Did the device really work?  The time is now for a shave.  I try to move my arm behind my back to apprehend whatever force is touching my lower back but I am unable to move my arm.  I am in sleep paralysis. Struggling to regain consciousness to verify the presence of this supernatural force against my lower back, I finally awaken from the dream but still unable to move completely paralyzed much like a false awakening but I know I am really awake. 

There is a woman floating above my bed.  She is an oriental woman with beautiful features and well defined ruby red lips. Her hair is pinned up like a china doll.  “Who are you,” I ask mentally of her presence.  Her presence floats over me in a diagonal direction from my lower right and up toward my right shoulder.  Still struggling to regain control of my body my arm finally wakes up and becomes responsive.  I move my arm slowly and intentionally in her direction painting a continuous circle with my index finger in the air around her face in a slow and persistent manner to get her attention and let he know I am aware of her presence….once again telepathically asking with stern emphasis, “WHO ARE YOU?”  In response to my question she puckers and pinches her lips forward as to point in the direction of my night stand as if it somehow holds the answer to my question. Moments later she disappears. 

I then rolled over and went back to sleep.  The dream continued….this time the device I am given is a more advanced version with no limits to the possible outcomes of what the device can manipulate.  This upgraded version has a tiny video screen where the sliding cursor is located.  Impossible I’m thinking to myself as if the last one wasn’t bad enough.  Yet a part of me wants to look into its window to see the future.  I am very much aware that I am dreaming.  I am aware that no harm can come to me by confronting my dream.  I am aware of my previous dream and I am emphatically determined to find out where this all leads.  I want answers from the depths of the collective consciousness. 

Looking into the sliding cursor I can now perceive  the future.  It is an amazing experience.  The beauty and power of this gift suddenly turns gruesome.  With its power comes knowledge of darkness.  I now see the decade bodies of the dead whose spirits are trapped desperately wanting to communicate but their bodies are no more.  These are ancient civilizations forgotten and left to decay in darkness.  In shock I woke up with the vivid image of a dead man impressed upon my mind.

I don’t often have nightmares but this one I would certainly classify as such.  I don’t know how much of the dream was influenced by my day’s events.  I did see a very disturbing movie earlier tonight, Crash High Voltage.  It was rated B by Yahoo movies so I considered it a good pick.  I was sorely disappointed in the movie.  I considered walking out at several points in the movie but since I had gone with a friend I decided to stay.  The amount of violence in the movie was very disturbing.  I have to ask what kind of society have we become that movies like this receive B ratings.

So who was that woman and what on my night stand was she calling my attention to.  On my night stand sits a lamp, my alarm clock, my cell phone, my wallet, my voice recorder for capturing dreams and in the drawer several my personal items including the remote control.  At the base of my night stand are several about 5-7 spiritual books. 

This one remains a mystery.