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Sleepy Hollow

Last night as my eyes weigh heavy I forget for a moment where I am as a bright light fills my field of vision.  Startled for a moment, I hesitate and from the right corner of my eye appear a little boy wearing suspenders.  He is a furry little boy who looks like a bear.  He is as surprised to see me, as I am to see him.   He is unsure where to go first.  We pause and sit by a hollow.  He tells me he wants to explore but I sense someone is holding him back as if attached to me.   This is a beautiful place he rightly aught to enjoy.  I feel I’m holding on to something that I can’t let go.  My heart is heavy and sadness comes over me.  I look into his eyes and tell him I wish not to hold him up.  He is free.


Spiral Plate – Red Black & White

I had dream where  my sister Grace is making dinner.  She is cooking spiral pasta (red, black and white).    We live in a small and very modest trailer home.  As I glance out the window, I notice there is an unfenced area just outside the back door which appears to be primarily for commercial use but I feel it would make for a nice place for Butters to run and play.  There is a wireless router in the grand room that extends reception to the bedrooms.  Grace sets my plate down on the table.  I look into the plate and find myself mesmerized by the beautiful swirling spirals of colors. I’m then shown a gift tag at the close of the dream which reads:  “FROM VEDGET”.

Pharmaceutical Stalk

BambooA common practice of mine is to make a large pitcher of Crystal Light. Today I am at the pharmacy preparing my brew of Crystal Light.  I have a 5 gallon pitcher.  Questionable sanitation has been on my mind so I decide to throw in a small amount no more than a couple teaspoons full of nail polish and bleach to improve the water quality into my 5 gallon brew.  Diluted I don’t think it would kill me. The pharmacy has a bathroom that adjoins it.  They have my wrong identity (address).  Thet tell me the correct address which matches my Rx is 1228 not 1328. For a moment I become lucid to wonder with myself, could I even remember where you lived if you were in a dream?


My only possessions in this realm are a bicycle and my winter coat. The bicycle would be cheaper to ship to Los Angeles if it had no wheels.  In conversing with the pharmacist he tells me there are no CVS’s in Los Angeles but I vaguely remember there was one somewhere.  I’ll just have to find it when I get there.  It used to be so easy to call in a prescription while I lived in DC.  LA’s dispensation of drugs is the old fashioned way by last names not by Rx numbers.  The Oriental man at the pharmacy counter is cruising my friend who is sitting in the waiting area waiting for me to complete my transaction. I suspect he is looking for an opportunity to be alone at the counter with him. 

The pharmacist goes to the back to process my refill request.  In the meantime, I step into the men’s room to relieve myself.  As I walk in I notice there is a door which has been left wide open between the enclosed side of the pharmacy (behind the counter) and the men’s room.   

A female staff member of the pharmacy is going on a 20 min lunch break.  As she leaves, she pokes her head in to tell me she’ll be right back.  This message comes while I’m standing at the urinal with my zipper down.  She is standing on the customer side of the counter.  Why did she feel the need to tell me this?  Her message is traversing 3 distinct regions, Customer area, Pharmacy Staff area and Adjoining Men’s Room.  I turn to acknowledge her and glance at a shinny penny on the floor next to the pharmacy cash register.  She can’t see it because she is on the other side of the counter…whereas I have a clear line of sight with the penny.  Can I cross the line and take it a as a sign that my friend will now have a private moment to meet with the Oriental Pharmacist “alone.” If I reach in across the line of separation to grab the penny would it be stealing?  Pennies are after all intended to be my sign from above that everything is on track. 


Bamboo shoots with beautiful ornate leaves are growing in the bathroom through cracks in the floor.  They are even growing out of the trash bins. These weeds are springing forth from every nook and cranny.  It gives the appearance that this décor is intentional but I know they are weeds of neglect and not some Oriental theme.  The bamboo show signs of having been pruned before but that only strengthens the stalk. 


I turn full circle thinking again, why would they have left the door between the Pharmacy and the Men’s Room open? 


When I do finally arrive home in Los Angeles, if it had not been for my dealing with the pharmacy I would not have known my address because I apparently can’t remember my address while in a dream.  Upon arrival the car leaves me on the street in close vicinity to my given address. Both addresses 1228 and 1328 are right next to each other side by side.  They both look identical but from having just been to the pharmacy where I found the penny I know my home address is a 2 not a 3.  It is the penny that assures my return home.

Bill’s Boards – A Convertible Meant For Two

ConvertibleI am in high school.  It is morning and the sun is shining.  I am walking to school and am caught by a series of humorously ironic billboards.  As I continue down the street I am joined by a female friend who is on her way to school.  My preference is to be alone and I am somewhat disturbed that she has invaded my solitude.

As we cross the street we pass by a vintage Chevrolet convertible.  In the driver seat is a very attractive sun baked man.  He is sitting in his car completely naked stroking himself.  The heat of the day has made his skin very glossy.  My impression is that he is trying to pick up on guys passing by. Other cars can’t see that he is naked.  It would be my luck that I am accompanied and can’t stop to inquire about him.  An opportunity missed I’m thinking to myself.

As we enter the school building it occurs to me that he could be arrested for indecent exposure.  I decide to tell security but I want to do it anonymously so that the driver of the car can not find out who told on him.  I think I’m probably far enough past him that I can tell security without him knowing I told and simply have them appear as though they found out on their own.  As I pass by the school’s security officer, I whisper to him and point to the convertible across the street.  As soon as I do an overwhelming feeling over comes me as if I did the wrong thing and will now surely incur the wrath.

I look around and see a winding stair case leading to the annex building.  I quickly set off up the stairs.  As they wind back around a bright light shines through the window blinding my sight.  As the stair case wraps around the light follows me no matter where I go.

He has found out I told on him.  They are his headlights shining in my eyes.  The light is so bright that I become lucid.  As I awake from within the dream, I can see the man.  We seem to be standing in the annex of the dream as if the dream paused.  He is a handsome man with soft blond hair and a gentle gaze. He is now wearing a pale blue robe.  He looks at me and asks me to explain the billboards.  Why did I find them humorous?  Thinking this is not the wrath I expected to incur and knowing it is my moment to bring back something from this lucid state, I pause for a moment to look at the billboards a second time.  Knowing a test to do in a lucid state is to see if words make sense.  I can clearly see the words.  It is common English.  As I read them a second time they don’t seem to conjure up the humor they initially had.  I’m surprised the words actually make sense they just don’t happen to be humorous anymore.  I tell him although the words make sense this is not what I understood them to be.

Office Inheritance

WalletI had a dream where I am at work.  As in real life I have a shared office with two other co-workers.  In our office space there are over head speakers with music playing.  The music is so loud that it is getting on my nerves.  I look for the control pad to regulate the sound level but I can’t remember where the control pad is.  I also can’t remember who our administrative assistant is. 


I finally send a broadcast message out to everyone letting them know that I am annoyed by the sound but no one in the office can remember where the control pad is.  To compensate for this issue I’m told that I will be given a private office space with no over head speakers.  The new office space is much nicer and private with windows and a frosted glass door. 


I begin moving my belongings and notice that the previous occupant left some of his belongings behind namely two leather belts and a wallet.  Both belts are too big for me but the wallet is perfect.  Not only that the wallet has a wad of cash still in it.  What a find I’m thinking to myself.  You always inherit the things left behind by the previous occupant.  The office space has been vacant for some time so I think I can keep the wallet and the money.  Before I have time to count the cash, I hear my co-worker coming down the hall to see my new space.  I quickly hide the wallet under a pair of jeans that are sitting on a bookshelf. 


My co-worker walks in and remarks how cheerful my new space is.  She also tells me that she is very content with her current office space.  She likes the view out her window.  I’m eager for her to leave so that I can know exactly how much money is in the wallet.

A Cause de St. Pierre, Une Nouvelle Voie

Last night I had a dream. This dream had a very cosmic ring to it. You could almost hear the chimes in the background. I am to meet with my life coach about my assignment on Earth. I arrive early for our meeting at his office but he is not present yet. On his desk I see my file with my name clearly written on it. As I sit down I reach over to take a peek at the contents of the file. The entire file is in French. At this moment the thoughts in my head shift to French. They are slow in coming. I feel awkward and very uneasy. I can no longer think in English. I realize I will be expected to conduct the rest of my life in French.

My coach then walks in the door. He welcomes me in French and begins a long series of instructions all in French regarding my next assignment. As if he can read my mind he acknowledges my awareness of the contents of my file, my new assignment and my unease. He says this entails a major shift in my life but one that he is confident I will easily readjust to. I am feeling totally unprepared and unable to express myself.

Snatch the Beaver

BeaverI had a dream where I am with a group of people who I work closely with.  I am complaining about the working conditions and trying to advocate for radical change.  I don’t think it should matter what people wear to work.  To test me and my conviction for change the women of the group begin coming to work half dressed without their underwear.  They are completely naked from the waist down. 

There is a part of me that wants to accept the new conditions because it means a sense of freedom I have longed for yet there is another part of me who wants to look away.  How do you pretend to avoid looking at the beaver and not give away my level of discomfort?  To push my limits, more of the women start to come around me flagrantly expressing their beavers.  I become so uncomfortable I literally have to do my breathing exercise.  Can I withstand the new terms of conditions which I am wholly responsible to advocating.  Is this more than I bargained for?

Inside the Silver Fish

Sucker FishI had a dream where I am attending the university with a bunch of my engineering student friends.  It is a university I attended previously because I am familiar with the location of all the classes and the names of the many buildings.  There is a great sense of camaraderie here among the guys.  There is a social group I belong to which is not part of the engineering curriculum but is geared toward developing one’s spiritual awareness.  We go off on an adventure along a river bank where we are instructed to catch the tiny little fish that live in the stream and eat them.  The fish are so tiny they are almost transparent and to my surprise they are incredibly tasty; a true delicacy.


Later when we return to classes I suspect something is different about me.  I am changed in some way from the inside. I decide to urinate and capture my urine in the trough where I can examine the urine to see what is inside me and maybe get an idea of what has changed.  The feeling is intuitive without knowing for sure I simply sense it.  In my urine I find the tiny fish I ate earlier in the day which are not dead but very much alive and thriving in my body.  They are multiplying and growing.  I can actually see them swimming in this pond that is my urine.


Scared … I run to tell one of my classmates and the professor.  Instead I run across my best friend Dinah.  I tell her what is happening to me.  She is incredulous and does not want to believe me.  Thinking I might have been imagining it, I go back to the trough where I captured my urine.  My urine is still there but it has begun to evaporate.  The fish are getting larger and their environment is getting smaller.  I suspect the fish are consuming the nutrients in my urine because they are now very large and no longer transparent.  They have given up their transparency for a beautiful silver coating. 


I know what I am seeing in this trough is a reflection of what is within me.  Fish must be growing in me. My dilemma is how do I get them out?  There is almost little  urine left for them to live in and feed on. 


A thought comes to my mind; how nice would it be to capture the fish and put them in my aquarium.  I then have a second thought; considering how prolific they are they would soon over run my tank.  As I reach down into the trough, one of the fish jumps on me in an attempt to escape his diminishing world.  This fish has the ability to suckle on me making it almost impossible for me to rid myself of it.  I’m distressed.  I want to be free of the fish inside me but I also want to ensure their safety.

The 8th Grade Marching Band

Marching BandI had a dream where I am living in a temporary location with my roommate Bryan.  Although the location where I’m living is temporary, it would seem that I am lying to myself and to others.  I have down scaled my living arrangement out of necessity and am somewhat embarrassed by this fact and I don’t want to admit it to people so I tell them that it is temporary.  I also desperately want a companion or partner to share my life with.  So I decide to take on two additional roommates, one who will occupy and share my living quarters during the day while I’m at work, a female, and another, a male, who will occupy the space during the night hours when I’m in bed.  I’m attracted to the male however he is engaged to be married to a woman.  He has moved here to marry his future wife but needs a place to stay until the wedding day.  It is such a convenient arrangement for the both of us.

I think to myself if he is sharing my bed and my space with me he will have time to get to know me before his wedding date and possibly fall in love with me and subsequently change his mind about marrying his fiancé.  The first night that he spends with me we sit like old friends discussing our lives, our past and our future ambitions. 

In the morning I leave for work.  My roommate Bryan has not been home so I have not had the opportunity to tell him of the new boarders I am hosting.  While waiting for the bus, I run into the female boarder.  She tells me that she is coming from watching the 8th grade marching band that plays along one of the streets in my neighborhood. 

In the evening when I get home from work I open the door to find my roommate angrily picking up the mess the night boarder has left.  I’m surprised myself that he has made such a mess and has also taken the liberty of rearranging the furniture.  I realized I probably should have discussed the change with him prior to agreeing to the arrangement.  As Bryan walks off with the bedding in his arms the night boarder comes through the door.  He tells me he just came from watching the 8th grade marching band.  I then realize that I am hosting both the bride and the groom.

A Gentle Hoof

HorseLast night I had a dream where I am with my friend Dinah.  She is visiting me and I am showing her around the city.  There are spectacular views that I myself see as unimaginable and quite breathtaking.  Looking out on the vista, I call her attention to a point in our forward direction the home of my mother’s land.   My mother lives at the base of these great hills which are covered in lush green vegetation.  


When we return to my house there is a young man who is looking for me.  He is an old friend one I have not seen in a very long time.  I vaguely remember him from my past.  He is very different now.  He has the lower body of a horse.  I am casually talking to him ignoring the obvious oddity of his lower nature. I am captivated and amazed by his powerful lower body, his massive legs and thighs and the huge black testicles that have obviously been scorched by the sun and which hang at his hind.  I want to ask him how he developed such a massive form but I am not sure if it would be appropriate to ask such a question. 


We continue talking.  He is very expressive in his gestures and moves with much grace and ease.  Feeling more comfortable around him, I finally gather the courage to ask him about this power he possesses.  He answers me by turning to face me and shows me his soft underbelly, his groin and his penis.  This in contrast he says is my gentle nature.  He leaves himself open as if to invite me to examine him or possibly touch him.  I want to feel the difference but to do so would mean possibly placing my hand on his penis.  I pause there reluctant to advance.  I feel an awareness rise in me and I become lucid.  In a moment of awareness suspended in time, I know this as strange as it may seem holds an answer I seek and it is now or never.  I must probe the depths of my subconsciousness reach out and feel him.  I reach my hand out placing my palm upon his navel and running my hand down along his groin and in contact with the uncircumcized skin of his penis.  My jaw drops with an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.  I am breathless.  I awaken.


Upon waking up I was immediately drawn to his response.  Why did it lie in his groin?  Why did he refer to it as his gentle nature?  I focused on the word gentle. 

Gentle:  belonging to a family of high social station, chivalrous : honorable, distinguished

Gentle: of or relating to a gentleman

Gentleman: a man of noble or gentle birth b: a man belonging to the landed gentry c (1): a man who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities (2): a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior d (1): a man of independent means who does not engage in any occupation or profession for gain (2): a man who does not engage in a menial occupation or in manual labor for gain

Dreams always enjoy a play on words so I looked at:

Gentile: a Christian as distinguished from a Jew

Genital: of, relating to, or being a sexual organ

Genital: of, relating to, or characterized by the stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory during which oral and anal impulses are subordinated to adaptive interpersonal mechanisms