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The Golden Ring of the Seventh Heaven

goldringI’ve been You Tube’ing lately.  It is amazing what great works you can find.  Speaking of the Seventh Ring in my Labyrinth dream I did in fact find a ring that day on You Tube a Golden Ring no less, a Golden Ring of the Seventh Heaven.  It spoke to me in a way that rang true and resonated deep within me.  I’ve been listening so some of the transmissions by this person known only to me by the name Rysa.  I highly recommended them as I have found the voice to be empowering and aligned with the source of light that is also guiding me.  We are called to unite with like minded souls to spread our knowledge of what has been revealed to us to others.  He calls us the Wayshowers.  I call us Lightworkers or Starseeds.  We are known by many names but our calling is to help guide the way and lead the people out of darkness by carrying the lamp of higher consciousness  to help awaken humanity out of the dream of life.

A Stargate Science: The Living Faces

StargateI have been pondering the mystery of these Moai referenced in my recent dreams and visions.  Anytime synchronicity appears around me it is a clear indication for me to pay close attention to what is happening.  The universe is trying to get my attention.  This began with my Red Riding Hood vision, followed by the Coneheads, which lead to the Moai’s from Easter Island. Research into the Moai left me speechless when I came across the reference to the Living Faces

So often in my mediations and contemplation on the stars have I seen through the darkness within the minds eye, Living Faces swept by the sea of consciousness.  Are these the gods of the stars and the heavens, beings from other dimensions those described by the people of Easter Island?  I know there is a Stargate Science here. Within us is a portal to other dimensions.  Within us is a mirror of what we experience as out there in the heavens, those bodies of light we call stars.

Dealing With Repressed Sexual Issues

Comment on the last two dreams:
I vaguely remembered the story of Red Riding Hood from my childhood. I looked up the story on Wikipedia to see what else I might be able to glean off this last dream. I was struck by three things mentioned on Wikipedia about the fairy tale.

1) The symbol of RRH being cut out of the wolf’s belly as a representation of the dawning.

2) The story seen as a sexual awakening or a parable of sexual maturity.

3) As a warning to stay on the path.

It always amazes me how insightful my dreams are. What they reveal is always profound. Just last week I became willing to uncover another layer of my recovery that centers on sex and love issues. It has come as a result of my deep dissillusionment with the dating scene now that I am single. I’m just now getting to the point where I have sought out help from yet another support group in addition to my therapist. I have finally reached a point where I feel I can talk through my repressed and disassociated feelings. Many of these issues go back to my childhood. In my earlier dream where I am taking a shower to prepare myself for my date who is to arrive in 20 minutes, I instantly knew I had repressed layer upon layer (the t-shrirts) of childhood feelings regarding my sexuality. I need to work through those old feelings of feeling dirty and unclean in people’s eyes. I knew I was gay before I ever knew what sex was. I was probably in the 2nd grade a the time. I also know in order for me to ever have a healthy relationship in the future, I have to start by coming to terms with my behaviors surrounding my last relationship. On the bright side, it has the promise of being a short process, 20 minutes is not a long time to wait for a date to arrive into my life. I think most of the work has already been done. I’m already living a new life. The spiritual void I have been feeling as a result of my dissillusionment I believe God has given me so that I won’t gloss over my past as I have always done. I simply have to stop procrastinating and get in touch with those past feelings so that I can move forward and finally mature sexually.  I even signed up to go on a spiritual retreat with 33 other members of this support group for a weekend of workshops and sharing.  I’m looking forward to finally getting this stuff off my chest.  I’m going to purge it all and allow God to lighten my burdens.

Day ONE; The Press Release

Today is Day ONE.

Numerologically, September 10th, 2007 is equal to 9+10=2007 = 2026 which in turn in equal to 2+0+2+6 = 10 which is equal to 1+0 = 1.   For me, this day has great significance.  It comes with the promise of a new beginning.  A day where peace can be allowed to flourish.  Let it be the day we erase terrorism from our minds.  It is the dawning of a new age.  It is the Age of Aquarius.  Give this day special significance for you.  Meditate on Peace today.  Make it the begining of something new for you also.  Share this with your friends.  Together we can all make a difference. 

For me today is also special in another way.  I also timed my book’s official press release to coincide with this day.  I wanted to share the link with you all.  To see and read a copy of the click on press release.  

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

This past Sunday I went to the
Maryland Renaissance Festival
in Annapolis,MD with my friend Chad.

We spent a good part of the day there. 
We had a lot of fun.  It was amazing to see all
the people who
were really getting into the spirit of the festival. 
There were so many people there many in costumes. 
There were games for the kids and everyone seemed to be having a great
time.  I could have spent a

small fortune there with

all the wonderful things for
sale.  It amazes me the quality with which some

of these artisans work.  I wish I co
have been so artistically inclined.  I’ll
definitely plan on going in future years.  It
was 10 times bigger than the
Maryland Faerie Festival
and 100 times bigger than the

Greenbelt Greenman Festival both of which I went to this year.
 I’ve been trying to get out and do things I
wouldn’t normally find myself doing.  It’s a
lot of work living out of character but it is what I need to do to stay
connected.  At some point,

maybe it will become second
nature.  In the meantime it is work.

Launch of My New Blog

Welcome to WordPress. I’ve maintained a blog on Livejournal a shared site for over a year now where I have posted my dreams.  I’ve felt constrained by limitations of a shared space where I was not in control of the inner workings of the system that was hosting my blog.  With the rollout of my group of websites  namely:

I thought it good to migrate my old blog to this new space which mapping the DOT COM address to where I am now in full control of the blog, its features and all the inner workings.  I am free to do anything here.  I’m not yet sure how much of the old blog I will migrate over as much of the material posted in the old blog I used in my book so I need to be selective of what I bring over.  Nevertheless, I have a new home.