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The Promised Land – A Place of Healing

Honey CombLast night I had an incredible and extremely vivid lucid dream.  In the dream I am in what appears to be a psychiatric ward of a hospital where people come to recover from mental and emotional trauma.  I notice the ward is mostly occupied by young men.  Most of the attending staff of doctors and nurses are women.  I am given a private room for my stay.  The layout reminds me of a honey comb.  Every room has 6 sides and is adjacent to another room with six sides which is adjacent to another room with six sides and so on and so forth for as far as you can see.  The layout strikes me as unusual so I walk through the rooms.  There are no corridors.  Every room simply leads into another room.  Many of the rooms are empty so there are plenty of open rooms available for new arrivals.  I see patients playing board games with each other and there is a very good communal atmosphere present. 


A nurse approaches me to perform my intake.  She encourages me noting the success of the hospital to treat trauma.  She tells me if I choose I will never have to suffer again.  This all seems so bizarre to me and I suddenly realize I am dreaming.  In this now wakeful state I begin to pay very close attention to everything she is telling me about their treatment program.  It sounds so appealing and makes perfect sense to me except I’m in a dream and I am lucid so I must investigate my surroundings.  I tell her I need some time to run some personal errands before committing to my stay.  She tells me there is no problem.  I can leave at any time and come back at will but I’m thinking a program this good is sure to fill up quickly.  I want to benefit from the program as well as conduct my research into this lucid state in which I find myself. With her assurance that a space is reserved for me, I leave through the door in the courtyard.  


Outside I run into my sister Grace who is going to accompany me on my journey.  I tell Grace that we are in a lucid dream and to pay close attention to everything she sees and hears and make a mental not of it.  I want to find the extent to which the illusion we are in persists.  At what point does the illusion of the dream break down?


What I am seeing through my mind’s eye is simply breathtaking.  I can see the sky and clouds and the moon and the stars with such clarity and beauty that is simply indescribable.  Upon the horizon is a massive thunderstorm approaching.  It is dark and ominous yet quite contained to a very specific area in the sky.  It is not threatening.  It is beautiful in the power and force it holds within it.


I continue to walk and walk till I finally reach the end of the illusion like walking through quicksand nothing else exists except the raw material from which reality is created.  I have long left my sister behind and only I stand alone in a thick sticky substance as if I had a sheet draped over me.  Feeling I’ve reached my goal and found my end I turn back and soon reencounter my sister who escorts me back to the hospital.  


I’m given the same room that I had been assigned before.  I’m surprised that they actually held the room for me. They in fact saved my place.  I sit in the courtyard looking up at the sky knowing that now I can benefit from all the healing properties of the dream.  I also can’t believe that I am fully aware of everything around me.  There is nothing out of place.  I have examined every detail of this dream, this reality and found every part to be complete in every detail.  Every word and sound makes perfect sense. I am in the process of healing my wounded soul.


After thought:

I was very struck by the honey combs.  Is this what a sixth dimension reality looks like, feels like? Within a hexagon is found the 6 pointed star or Star of David which is a reference to God.  Honey is a reference to love. 

“And thy Lord taught the bee to build its cells in hills, on trees and in (men’s) habitations…there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for mankind. Verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought”.   

Translation of Quran 16:68–69

My Mother’s Name Is Penny

PostcardLast night I had a dream.  I receive in the mail a postcard addressed to a woman who does not live in my house.  The woman lives in Washington State whereas I live in Washington, DC.  It is addressed to the organization she represents in care of her.   My attention is drawn to the name of her organization, “The Foundation of Pennies” which is similar in name to my website “Penny For My Thought.” 


The next day again I receive another postcard addresses to the Foundation in care of this woman who I don’t know.  Each card I receive gives me a small clue as to the nature of the business she represents.  Over the next few days I continue receiving mail for this woman.  In my curiosity to find out more about the Foundation and it’s similarity in name to mine, I decide to open her mail.  Slowly but surely through the opened correspondences, I learn more about the woman without having ever met her.  I learn that she is a lesbian who is an advocate for gay, lesbian and transgender issues.  Some of her mail contains newspaper clippings with photographs of her at various events.  


One day I receive a package that contains a video tape documentary which tells all about the work the woman is involved in for the Foundation.  As I’m watching the documentary I hear a knock at the door.  It is a special delivery addressed to this woman.  I immediately sign for the package and in walks a little boy.  This is her son.  He is cute around the age of seven.  Since he sees me watching his mom on television he settles in to my house without questioning where he has been sent or that he might have been sent to the wrong address.  I think, now I’m really in trouble.  How do I explain to the boy or any other authorities my behavior of having opened mail that does not belong to me?  I’m sure it is a felony to do so.  I want to keep the child along with all the mail I’ve already opened because I am fascinated by the life this woman leads.  I’m worried that I would be accused of kidnapping the child even though he was rightfully delivered to my home.  For a few days, I say nothing to the boy as he remains happily in my care. 


Finally I decide to ask him about his mother.  He tells me his mother’s name is Penny.  I then tell him that he was delivered to the wrong address and I confess that I don’t personally know his mother.  He then shows me the envelope that came with his delivery which he had maintained in his pants pocket.  The envelope is sealed and addressed to me.  In it are a collection of postage stamps and a letter signed by Penny.  I now have the impression this was all done for a reason.  

Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1: the act of founding
2: a basis (as a tenet, principle, or axiom) upon which something stands or is supported <the foundations of geometry> <the rumor is without foundation in fact>
3 a: funds given for the permanent support of an institution : endowment b: an organization or institution established by endowment with provision for future maintenance
4: an underlying base or support ; especially : the whole masonry substructure of a building
5 a: a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid b: a woman’s supporting undergarment : corset c: a cosmetic usually used as a base for makeup

The Summit in the City of Angels

Los AngelesLast night I had a dream where I am with an old business associate with whom I had unfinished business ties.  I ask him about the status of the business and ask whether he and our other business partners were still in communication with each other.  To my surprise he answers, “Yes.”  I had long since abandoned the business venture as having failed.  He on the other hand tells me that the business is still viable and no one has lost anything in the transaction.  I’m surprised to hear this but I can’t stop what I’m doing to look into the matter to recover my ownership.  I also feel that since I’ve abandoned the idea, I no longer have a place in the transaction. 


I am on my way to the top of Angeles Crest Mountain in the Angeles Crest Forest near Los Angeles.  This is the highest point in the city of Angels.  I can clearly see downtown Los Angeles and the massive sky scrappers.  I pause for a minute to admire the majestic beauty when I suddenly realize I’m already at the summit the highest point of the mountain. Fear now begins to set in.  I’m afraid to fall because I no longer have a sense of direction.  I cannot tell which way is up or which way is down. 

Open Election

HealthcareI had a dream where it is open election for choosing a healthcare plan.  Spherion is offering two new options and eliminating the current healthcare plan.  I had skimmed through the documents and noticed there would be a default option for conversion of all existing plans.  Since I am so busy, I don’t want to fuss with the choosing of a plan and I decide to simply allow the default plan to take effect.

Later I am in a panic because I find where I had filled out the forms and never submitted them.  “Did I miss understand my own understanding of the election process?”  I’m afraid I will now be without insurance coverage.  Since I depend heavily on my coverage, I am at a loss as to what to do.  I am in a period of limbo between the time when the old policy is to expire and the new policy to begin.  I now feel I didn’t choose well.  I would have preferred to have taken a more active choice by submitting my form with my election. I am also afraid that I might have inadvertently made myself intelligible because of my pre-existing conditions.  I contemplate what I will do if I don’t have coverage come the New Year.  I think I would sell my house and move to Canada.

Crabby Justice

CrabI had a dream where my ex is involved in a shipping and receiving business that is less than reputable.  I want nothing to do with him but we are still tied to the same sleeping quarters.  He has taken the sheets and covers off the bed that we share and is having me sleep with paper towels as a cover.  I am tired and simply want my own space back in which to comfortably lay my head down.  He tries to convince me of the legitimacy of his new business but what he does not realize is that I can see through the false front.  I can hear the fire alarms sounding incessantly, and the conversations detailing their shady transactions.  I can also see their operations in progress.  What he does simply does not interest me anymore.  I know him for who he really is.  I just want to be removed from him.  It is very much a battle to see who is left standing in the end.  Seeing my lack of interest and my determination to stand my ground, he makes a comment to me telling me that I’m already dead. We are spirits, he says to me. 


I pause to reflect and in looking at myself. I become lucid in the dream.  Now with a sense of empowerment, I go after him and grab him by his coattails as he tries to run from me.  I held on and held on until I woke up with something scratching my face like tiny claws.  I opened my eyes and there in front of me was a female police officer with a venomous look on her face and very bad teeth.  In her right hand she held a crab by the legs which she shook at me in an effort to frighten and intimidate me.  She was obviously very upset with what I had done.  I was not afraid.  In a sudden move I leaped forward to grab the crab away from her in an effort to prove to her that her crab could not harm me.  I noticed her forearm was bloody from where the crab had clawed her hand.  She pulled back exposing her teeth at me like a mad dog.  I knew she was a lie.  Although she wore a police cap she did not stand for justice.  I let her know telepathically that I was not afraid of her and I knew who she was.  She remained there at a distance unwilling to withdraw completely from my presence.  I grabbed my voice recorder and began recording the details of what I had just experienced emphasizing verbally as a way of reinforcing my lack of intimidation and fear.  She then disappeared.

Documentary is Now on YouTube

Arecibo Message

I’m so excited. The video documentary I did for public broadcasting of my near death experience and subsequent dreams and altered states of awareness is now on You Tube in it’s entirety.


Thanks to Shortpants Productions I was given a copy of the taping which I promptly converted to Window Media format to compress it and slice it into 19 chapters and posted all of them on You Tube. Even I was surprised when I saw the video for the first time myself. It had me at the edge of my seat. I don’t know where the words came from to fill a total running time of 1hr:41min:20sec but in my opionion it was flawless. It transitioned beautifully. It introduces my book which I published last year.

I wanted to share the link with everyone so you can see it and share it with any of your friends who might be interested. I believe we as Lightworkers have the responsibility of creating the web of light by linking to each other across our global Internet to spread our message. I hope it will help raise awareness of the power of dreams to help us transcend our physical realty and bring us to an awakened state of consciousness.

I’m going to see how I can get the DVD which is (unsliced and not compressed) duplicated to give away and pass around.

Arecibo Reply Crop CircleI used the Arecibo Message as my backdrop because as with dreams it too uses symbols to relay a message out into the unknown vastness of space.  And just like the Areciebo Reply I too feel like someone intelligence out there has received my message and is actively trying to communicate with me through my dreams by they celestial beings, ascended beings from other dimensions or extraterrrestrials.  There is no doubt my messages have been received and are being answered.

Also see PBS Link to Documentary on right under Pages

Sole Man Out

SoccerI had a dream where I am a civil systems engineer in a CPA firm. I am looking at photographs taken at a company picnic.  The pictures are spotlighted in the company’s brochure.  As I thumb through the brochure looking at the photographs, I realize that I am the only engineer in the entire firm.  Many of the photographs involve sporting activities such as soccer.  I am not one to be engaged in sports.  I feel awkward being the only man out.  All of my other co-workers are CPA’s. 


There is a guy in one of the photos who attracts me.  I go back through the photographs looking for him specifically.  My boss comes by my office and catches me thumbing through the photographs.  I fain interest in the sporting activities so that he doesn’t become aware of my interest in this guy.  He tells me that there is a benefit to being the only man out.  He says, “We treat our sole people very special.”

The Bear Beard Symphony Orchestra

OrchestraI had a dream where I am in an auditorium with family and friends.  There is an orchestra in the pit tuning their instruments.  As the orchestra begins to practice before their performance, the person with me draws my attention to the manner in which they are playing their instruments.  The members of the orchestra are flapping their arms like birds.  He then says to me, “Look at what they are wearing.”  All the members of the orchestra are completely bare without any clothing.  Then he says, “…and look who is the conductor.”  I turn my attention to conductor who is also without cloths.  He is an old stocky grey haired man with a long flowing beard that reaches down to his belly.  He has made a dream catcher out of his face and beard by weaving his beard with feathers and beads.  I then realize, I am the conductor and he is the dream.

Alien Nation

Alien NationIn last night’s dream, my mother was pregnant.  At the time of labor I see her assisting the baby through the birth canal.  In the end, the baby comes out unborn in a bubble along with the placenta.  I tell my mother that the birth sack must be broken to allow the child life.  I’m asking those around to please call a doctor so that we can be told what to do. The doctor then confirms that the sack must be broken.  I quickly break open the sack.  Within the sack is only the head and neck (a very long one) of the infant child.  It is an alien child.  Not knowing what aliens look like when they are born I decide to pat it a couple times on the back of the neck to encourage it to move.  It does not move nor does it open its eyes.  I am fearing it might be dead.  I want it to live.  I want the curiosity of alien child. A part of me wants to know if this is a real child.  “Is this a real child?”  I run my fingers along the back of its head and down its neck.  I feel.  I can feel the sensation of its leather like skin against mine.  This triggers my awakening.  I slowly gain consciousness with the child gaining consciousness along with me. 


In awe…I laid there in my bed trying not to loose this state of consciousness.  I want to know what happens to the child.  I began meditating.  I then saw upon a black canvas, blue maroon light.  It was a scene from a city at night.  I could see people and cars running in chaos.  The sky was falling.  Large pieces of debris were coming down upon the people. Large birds as big as a house were flying around.  I then saw a white disc run across the night sky.  The vision ended there. 


When I got to work the word that stuck in my mind was alienation.  I looked up the exact definition of the work in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.


Main Entry:


1 : a withdrawing or separation of a person or a person’s affections from an object or position of former attachment : estrangement <alienation…from the values of one’s society and family — S. L. Halleck> 2 : a conveyance of property to another


I then went to Wikipedia and looked up Alien Nation.  I was not too surprised to find a movie by that name for which I followed the link.  What did surprise me was the promotional poster for the movie.  It looked exactly like my vision.  Needless to say, I went online to my blockbuster account to order the movie.  I had never heard of this movie before today but I assume there is something here for me to discover.  Another piece of a very large puzzle. 


PropellerLast night I had a dream where my family and I are staying in a group of bungalows in somewhat of a resort type place.  My aunt Helen is rooming across from me.  She is not in her room.  I’m in her room and two guys show up at the door and force their way in.  They are somewhat known to me but not close friends.  They want a place to hang out for a little bit.  I can’t seem to shake them so I allow then to stay for a minute.  I however don’t want to be around them to I walk out of the room to figure out what to do.  I few minutes later I re-enter the room and they have made a mess of her room.  All her dry cleaning is strewn on the floor.  I sternly ask what the hell they think they are doing to which one of them answers that they are looking for the remote control. Knowing my aunt is a control freak and a neat freak my temper explodes and I yell at the one who answered, “GET OUT OF HERE”.  I woke myself up having actually yelled it out loud in my bedroom.  “Wow, what was that about,” I thought to myself.  I quickly recalled the dream from which I had just jarred myself awake and grabbed my voice recorder and captured the details of the dream.  


I returned to bed and had a second dream.  I am with a friend who is a pilot.  He is a good longtime friend of mine.  I’ve always wanted to learn to fly.  As a matter of fact when I was in my early twenties I took flying lessens and clock about 10 hours in one of those small Cessna’s.  Thinking I would have liked to have gotten my pilots license I ask him if he could possibly tutor me.  I’m thinking that since he is my friend he won’t charge me as the lessons and rental of the aircraft were expensive.  He agrees to train me.  He has me doing odd jobs.  Wax on, wax off I’m thinking he doesn’t have any interest in teaching me.  He simply has me doing odd wax on wax off jobs. I’m feeling resentful and finally I tell him I’m moving on.  He appears to be expressionless.  What’s up with him?  As I’m walking off with ever step I begin to gain awareness, an awareness that I already know how to fly.  I’ve always known how to fly because this is a dream.  “CLEAR PROP!”