I’m An Indian Boy

Indian BoyI had a dream. I am at home visiting family for the holidays. My cousin Dieanna is there who I haven’t seen in years. We step out onto the porch late at night. I can see the moon lit sky and the bare tree branches. She offers me a Juanita bud, sparks the flame to light and passes it to me. She doesn’t know that I don’t smoke. I feel I shouldn’t reject her offering so I take it and pretend to inhale. As I exhale, the cool damp night creates the faux smoke.

We then go back inside. I’m worried that some of the smoke might have made it past my own barriers. I quickly make my way to the bathroom. Standing in front of the vanity it occurs to me that I’ve never seen my face in the mirror. I then have a second awakening. I must be dreaming. In anticipation of what I’m about to see, I slowly lift my eyes and glance into the mirror. I can see my face clearly. I am an Indian boy with dark almond skin around the age of 17. My hair is thick jet black. My eyes lids have a subtle shade of blue. I comb through my hair with my fingers and reveal a thin red bandana across my forehead that was hidden underneath my hair. I look deeply into my eyes taking fingers as I caress my eyelids removing some of the blue shade. I’m an Indian Boy.

I turn around and leave the restroom. My cousin is waiting for me with a peace offering. She hands me a croissant and says, Eat!

Sleepy Hollow

Last night as my eyes weigh heavy I forget for a moment where I am as a bright light fills my field of vision.  Startled for a moment, I hesitate and from the right corner of my eye appear a little boy wearing suspenders.  He is a furry little boy who looks like a bear.  He is as surprised to see me, as I am to see him.   He is unsure where to go first.  We pause and sit by a hollow.  He tells me he wants to explore but I sense someone is holding him back as if attached to me.   This is a beautiful place he rightly aught to enjoy.  I feel I’m holding on to something that I can’t let go.  My heart is heavy and sadness comes over me.  I look into his eyes and tell him I wish not to hold him up.  He is free.


Spiral Plate – Red Black & White

I had dream where  my sister Grace is making dinner.  She is cooking spiral pasta (red, black and white).    We live in a small and very modest trailer home.  As I glance out the window, I notice there is an unfenced area just outside the back door which appears to be primarily for commercial use but I feel it would make for a nice place for Butters to run and play.  There is a wireless router in the grand room that extends reception to the bedrooms.  Grace sets my plate down on the table.  I look into the plate and find myself mesmerized by the beautiful swirling spirals of colors. I’m then shown a gift tag at the close of the dream which reads:  “FROM VEDGET”.

Honey Just Marry Jewish

Like a Prayer : This dream was so funny I had to post it. So one day God came to Madonna and said, “I have just one commandment for you … Marry Jewish!” So Madonna went on her way. God saw Madonna was trying, so he placed on her path NOT 3 but 4 Honey Bunnies. Madonna was aroused by her new Honey Bunnies. As she lay in bed with her two Black Jewish Lovers, God came to her and said, “Since you have followed my commandment, I promise to have your back. He then taught her to fight her own battles.

Marriage Equality!!

A Killer On The Loose

Swat TeamI had a dream where a killer was on the loose in my building. I fall prey to him and he takes me hostage. He loosely ties me up and stuffs me away in the closet next to my bed. Through the crack in the door, I can see his movements as he nervously paces back and forth to gather his strategy periodically looking out my bedroom windows to determine if the coast is clear.

I am in fear for my life. How could I ever escape his grip? This is a life or death situation and my captor has the upper hand,. In a flash of light, the moment comes for him to make his move to take me to a more secure location. My entre bedroom with me in it is teleported to a place among many. I am one of many similar examination rooms. They now have me under observation in my bed. His swat team is probing me to quickly determine my vital signs my make up and whether I’m still worth the value of a hostage. I get the sense that I’m worth more to them alive than dead. I feel like I’m being detained in a hospital. My arms are strapped with monitoring devices.

They are planning to extend their net to find men similar to me for capture. I need to find a way to send an encrypted message to the authorities those who may be aligned with me. My captors are targeting a group of gay men congregated for an event in a hotel. Telepathically, I can see a room filled with men. I seem to be able to communicate. I’ve successfully alerted them to the danger but will they make the right choice to evade their own capture.

I am struggling to awaken from the dream. My eyes open and I can see a female looking at me in examination. The others quickly push me back down into bed. I fall back into the consciousness of sleep. Their guns are firmly on me as their target. I hear and feel 3 shots into my bed yet none pierce me. I believe the shots were intended to be a warning.

Pharmaceutical Stalk

BambooA common practice of mine is to make a large pitcher of Crystal Light. Today I am at the pharmacy preparing my brew of Crystal Light.  I have a 5 gallon pitcher.  Questionable sanitation has been on my mind so I decide to throw in a small amount no more than a couple teaspoons full of nail polish and bleach to improve the water quality into my 5 gallon brew.  Diluted I don’t think it would kill me. The pharmacy has a bathroom that adjoins it.  They have my wrong identity (address).  Thet tell me the correct address which matches my Rx is 1228 not 1328. For a moment I become lucid to wonder with myself, could I even remember where you lived if you were in a dream?


My only possessions in this realm are a bicycle and my winter coat. The bicycle would be cheaper to ship to Los Angeles if it had no wheels.  In conversing with the pharmacist he tells me there are no CVS’s in Los Angeles but I vaguely remember there was one somewhere.  I’ll just have to find it when I get there.  It used to be so easy to call in a prescription while I lived in DC.  LA’s dispensation of drugs is the old fashioned way by last names not by Rx numbers.  The Oriental man at the pharmacy counter is cruising my friend who is sitting in the waiting area waiting for me to complete my transaction. I suspect he is looking for an opportunity to be alone at the counter with him. 

The pharmacist goes to the back to process my refill request.  In the meantime, I step into the men’s room to relieve myself.  As I walk in I notice there is a door which has been left wide open between the enclosed side of the pharmacy (behind the counter) and the men’s room.   

A female staff member of the pharmacy is going on a 20 min lunch break.  As she leaves, she pokes her head in to tell me she’ll be right back.  This message comes while I’m standing at the urinal with my zipper down.  She is standing on the customer side of the counter.  Why did she feel the need to tell me this?  Her message is traversing 3 distinct regions, Customer area, Pharmacy Staff area and Adjoining Men’s Room.  I turn to acknowledge her and glance at a shinny penny on the floor next to the pharmacy cash register.  She can’t see it because she is on the other side of the counter…whereas I have a clear line of sight with the penny.  Can I cross the line and take it a as a sign that my friend will now have a private moment to meet with the Oriental Pharmacist “alone.” If I reach in across the line of separation to grab the penny would it be stealing?  Pennies are after all intended to be my sign from above that everything is on track. 


Bamboo shoots with beautiful ornate leaves are growing in the bathroom through cracks in the floor.  They are even growing out of the trash bins. These weeds are springing forth from every nook and cranny.  It gives the appearance that this décor is intentional but I know they are weeds of neglect and not some Oriental theme.  The bamboo show signs of having been pruned before but that only strengthens the stalk. 


I turn full circle thinking again, why would they have left the door between the Pharmacy and the Men’s Room open? 


When I do finally arrive home in Los Angeles, if it had not been for my dealing with the pharmacy I would not have known my address because I apparently can’t remember my address while in a dream.  Upon arrival the car leaves me on the street in close vicinity to my given address. Both addresses 1228 and 1328 are right next to each other side by side.  They both look identical but from having just been to the pharmacy where I found the penny I know my home address is a 2 not a 3.  It is the penny that assures my return home.

Missing Under the G

FreeMasonryThis is not a dream just an update.  In case anyone has wondered why I’ve been so silent with my dreams I want to say that I’ve been spending alot of time under the G.  I was initiated into FreeMasonry in December 2008.  I spent 2009 working on my degree work to advance from Entered Apprentice to Fellow Craft and finally raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  For the 2010 I was appointed to serve as Chaplain of Albert Pike Lodge #33.  For the 2011 year I’ve been asked to serve as Senior Steward.

2011 Installation of Officers

Bill’s Boards – A Convertible Meant For Two

ConvertibleI am in high school.  It is morning and the sun is shining.  I am walking to school and am caught by a series of humorously ironic billboards.  As I continue down the street I am joined by a female friend who is on her way to school.  My preference is to be alone and I am somewhat disturbed that she has invaded my solitude.

As we cross the street we pass by a vintage Chevrolet convertible.  In the driver seat is a very attractive sun baked man.  He is sitting in his car completely naked stroking himself.  The heat of the day has made his skin very glossy.  My impression is that he is trying to pick up on guys passing by. Other cars can’t see that he is naked.  It would be my luck that I am accompanied and can’t stop to inquire about him.  An opportunity missed I’m thinking to myself.

As we enter the school building it occurs to me that he could be arrested for indecent exposure.  I decide to tell security but I want to do it anonymously so that the driver of the car can not find out who told on him.  I think I’m probably far enough past him that I can tell security without him knowing I told and simply have them appear as though they found out on their own.  As I pass by the school’s security officer, I whisper to him and point to the convertible across the street.  As soon as I do an overwhelming feeling over comes me as if I did the wrong thing and will now surely incur the wrath.

I look around and see a winding stair case leading to the annex building.  I quickly set off up the stairs.  As they wind back around a bright light shines through the window blinding my sight.  As the stair case wraps around the light follows me no matter where I go.

He has found out I told on him.  They are his headlights shining in my eyes.  The light is so bright that I become lucid.  As I awake from within the dream, I can see the man.  We seem to be standing in the annex of the dream as if the dream paused.  He is a handsome man with soft blond hair and a gentle gaze. He is now wearing a pale blue robe.  He looks at me and asks me to explain the billboards.  Why did I find them humorous?  Thinking this is not the wrath I expected to incur and knowing it is my moment to bring back something from this lucid state, I pause for a moment to look at the billboards a second time.  Knowing a test to do in a lucid state is to see if words make sense.  I can clearly see the words.  It is common English.  As I read them a second time they don’t seem to conjure up the humor they initially had.  I’m surprised the words actually make sense they just don’t happen to be humorous anymore.  I tell him although the words make sense this is not what I understood them to be.

Office Inheritance

WalletI had a dream where I am at work.  As in real life I have a shared office with two other co-workers.  In our office space there are over head speakers with music playing.  The music is so loud that it is getting on my nerves.  I look for the control pad to regulate the sound level but I can’t remember where the control pad is.  I also can’t remember who our administrative assistant is. 


I finally send a broadcast message out to everyone letting them know that I am annoyed by the sound but no one in the office can remember where the control pad is.  To compensate for this issue I’m told that I will be given a private office space with no over head speakers.  The new office space is much nicer and private with windows and a frosted glass door. 


I begin moving my belongings and notice that the previous occupant left some of his belongings behind namely two leather belts and a wallet.  Both belts are too big for me but the wallet is perfect.  Not only that the wallet has a wad of cash still in it.  What a find I’m thinking to myself.  You always inherit the things left behind by the previous occupant.  The office space has been vacant for some time so I think I can keep the wallet and the money.  Before I have time to count the cash, I hear my co-worker coming down the hall to see my new space.  I quickly hide the wallet under a pair of jeans that are sitting on a bookshelf. 


My co-worker walks in and remarks how cheerful my new space is.  She also tells me that she is very content with her current office space.  She likes the view out her window.  I’m eager for her to leave so that I can know exactly how much money is in the wallet.

May I Clean Your Chandelier?

Green Room ChandelierI went to bed early last night.  My head was hurting so bad from crying so much over the break of my recent relationship with Lane. I had so many emotions wrapped up in my head that when I was falling asleep I kept hearing voices.  They were the voices of many people. They were so loud and clear that they sounded as if they were in the room with me.  I was so irritated because they would not shut up and they were too many voices at once to distinguish the context of the conversations. 


I struggled to wake myself up to stop the voices.  As I would come back into consciousness the voices would stop.  I’d look around my bedroom and see the total darkness and stillness of my bedroom with only a dimmer of light coming in from the street. 


Again I would close my eyes and try to fall asleep.  Sleep came quickly and as the sleep paralysis would set in the voices would immediately begin.  Again I’d struggle to wake up to regain control of my body to stop the voices.  Each time I’d reawaken, the voices would immediately stop and I’d come to see the stillness of my bedroom.  This happened several times repeatedly.  The later and more tired I got and deeper I fell into sleep and the harder it became to reawaken myself to stop the voices. 


I then began having false awakenings mixed in with the real awakenings.  Eventually I got to the point where I would reawaken to the stillness of my room and immediately close my eyes and enter the false awakening while still fully conscious.  In the false awakenings my bedroom became brighter as if I had night vision; I could see the people in my room; those responsible for the voices.  There were many people present none who I recognized. 


I am irritated that these people have given themselves the liberty of invading my personal space.  With my arm I reach out to grab the person closest to me.  I point at each person singling them out one by one to let them know I am aware of their presence and there exact location in my dream.  But like ghosts my physical movements had no effect on them they simply ignored me. I swung my physical arms harder to make them aware of my disapproval.  Finally surrendering to the futility of my efforts, I simply ignored them and fell deeper into the dream. 


Angered by their invasion of my personal space, I decide to pick up my belongings and go home.  The only belongings I have here in this dimension are a massive crystal chandelier with many fragile pieces and an avocado green upright Hoover vacuum cleaner just like the one my mom had when I was a kid. I am angry with myself.  Why do I have this chandelier here in the first place?  Why in the world did I remove it from my home to bring it here?  The chandelier has been here for so long and uncared for that the glass is completely tarnished yet I know it still has intrinsic value worth keeping so I must take it home with me.  I’m embarrassed that the crystals are so dirty from neglect.  I grab a cloth sack with a draw string and place the many crystal pieces of varying lengths in the sack. I am careful so as to not break any of them. I carry the sack with caution in front of me.  The vacuum cleaner is sitting on a shelf upside down in a closet.  I grab it by the handle and turn it right side up and proceed to leave.


Outside is a woman sitting on the curb.  I know her to be an Angel but in this dream she is without her wings appearing as a regular person.  Since I am lucid, I know her too well.  I recognize her even though she is appearing as a regular person her angelic qualities shine through her pale white skin.  To temper her brilliance she is wearing a black pearl choker.  She is playing with some of the crystals from my chandelier moving them around like chess pieces on the sidewalk.  Apparently I had not retrieved all of the pieces.  She brings light to the dirty pieces exposing them for all to see.


At this point I’m angry with God for exposing my vulnerabilities and my dirty crystals and the fact that some have escaped my grasp.  I grab the Angel by her pearl necklace and demand the return of my crystals.  Forcibly I take them from her and release her from my grasp.


I am so angry.