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Ruben Bailey

I was born in Los Angeles and found out I was HIV positive around the age of 23. At the time, I thought my days were numbered. The bad news sent me on a spiritual journey to find God. 20 years later I'm still alive. I now see that day as one of the greatest blessing of my life.

I have a Bachelors of Science and a Master's of Science in Information Systems from Strayer University in the District of Columbia. I also completed an online Bachelors of Science degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California. I had planned to continue by pursing a Masters and Ph.D in Metaphysics and possibly become a minister but that has been put on the back shelf for now.

I have been journalling my dreams since about 1994. Dreams have become my connection to the Holy Spirit, my direct link to God. The incredible thing is my penny experiences. So magical and sycnchronous were these pennies placed in my path that I could not help but know beyond a shaddow of a doubt that there is an unseen force that is guiding my path. I share my dreams as an expression of spiri through which I come ot know myself and the universe better and maybe inspire others to do the same. It can be a facinating journey of self discovery.

The wonderful thing about dreams is that they form your own personal religion. Nothing comes between you and God. We all have the innate ability to recognize truth because it is who we are. If I could do it anyone can.

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Contact me at: rubenbailey@pennyformythought.org.

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